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It's about time we share the magic of herbal education with our community!


This is Mi Botiquin Workshop, a hands on seminar focused on the medicinal and healing properties of herbs and oils. In this workshop, you will explore how to formulate your very own items for your botiquín, medicine cabinet.

By the end of this seminar, you will be leaving with information on how stress affects the body as well as how aromatherapy works to promote wellness.


We will explore a multitude of botanicals such as Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lavender, & Peppermint and their many beautiful properties.


At Sirena's Secret, we believe in the practice of herbalism tand how it serves as an afforable and accessible method of taking care of oneself and our loved ones. Herbalism explores the interconnectedness of the mind, body and soul without a one size heals all approach.


Bring a bestie or come alone on your new journey of botanical enlightenment!



May 2nd, 2024


6:00PM - 9:00 PM


El Taller & Cafe Azteca

275 Essex St, Lawrence, MA 01840

Mi Botiquin Workshop: Stress & Aromatherapy 05/02


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